Microsoft will not take over your computer…

When the scary voice starts talking from your computer and the entire screen is taken over by a page that tells you that you have a virus, and you must call 800… to call Microsoft to fix your computer…

Please know they are lying.  It’s not Microsoft, this is a fraudulent tech support company waiting to remote access your computer, possibly cause worse problems than you have, and wanting to take your credit card information and charge you for a fake repair, and then possibly use the credit card for other purposes.

The best thing you can do is use task manager to end task on the browser you are using – hold down ctrl-alt-del keys simultaneously, click on Task Manager, and then choose the listing for your browser (Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox), and then hit the “end task” button.  If this does not work, simply push and hold the power button to shut off the computer.  You will lose any unsaved information when you do this.

If you are still having trouble, we would be happy to help.  Check the contact us page, and we will get things straightened out for you.

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